Sewing for Chilli

Lately, I have been itching to sew something for Chilli. A girl needs beautiful things to make her beautiful, isn't it? 

So, I decided maybe I should sew her a skirt and a blouse since now she can walk. Wearing a skirt should look cute. Since it's my first time sewing garments using my own pattern, I opted for a really simple one... But it turned out to be not wearable!

I was so sad! Sewing a skirt is not exactly simple! I used half a fat quarter of fabric. This skirt looked good but it was too tight at the thigh area so Chilli could not walk up and down the steps or even sit down with ease. It looked like she was wearing a mini-skirt!

I did not want to feel disheartened so the next day I tried sewing again. This time, I used three quarter of a fat quarter fabric in total and thinking that perhaps cutting the fabric up to make a A-line skirt might do the trick... But I was wrong again.

This skirt was worse. I could not even pull it up Chilli's thighs! The waistband was way too small even for her petite frame. I was more disappointed.

Not wanting to give up and feeling a lil' frustrated with myself, I took out both skirts and snipped them off. And I just sewed and sewed with just a design in my mind. Patchwork swing skirt. And viola!

Does it look pretty? I love it to bits! Patchwork, ruffles, floral, polka dots, baby blue, pink and green... all my favourite!

And yes, Chilli loves the skirt too! ^_^

I am very happy with the skirt so I even sewed zig-zag stitches to replace serger stitches (usually I just use pinking shears). Now, Chilli can walk, sit, run and even jump comfortably with the skirt!

To match the skirt, I re-fashioned a plain cotton bodysuit into a blouse because I could not find one anywhere. Most blouses in shops have patterns or pictures on them and I don't like them. A plain white cotton blouse can complement the flowery/colorful skirts or bloomers I make for Chilli.

For the bodysuit, I just cut away the lower part of the body suit, sewed zig-zag stitches at the bottom (maybe I should really buy a serger soon) and finish off sewing the edge. Easy peasy!

Ah... I'm game to sew another skirt and a appliqued blouse for Chilli soon!

p/s: beautiful fabric used is from Tanya Whelan Delilah range (you can find them here, here and here)

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Creative Busy Bee said...

hey! good trying. the skirt look very beautiful.Me love to sew girls(easier and more colorful ) clothe than boy.

Speckled Hen said...

You are very creative. The skirt looks lovely on Chilli.