Tutorial: Zippered Pouch

Here is the tutorial on zippered pouch. It's not difficult to make one. Perhaps some people have bad experience with sewing zippers on machine but it's actually relatively easy. Just a few practices and you will be breezing through sewing all kinds of zippers.

*All measurements includes a 1cm border.*

 *Note: Zipper is opened all the way to the end before pinning.

*Note: Zipper is closed before pinning.

*Note: Center folded is exterior back fabric.

*Note: Bring the zipper head to halfway the zipper. This is to facilitate when you turn the pouch inside out.

*Note: Please be careful when you sew over the zipper. You wouldn't want to sew over the metal and break your needle! I'm guilty of this action when I first started to sew...

*Note: You can add grosgrain or lace at side of the pouch for attachments. I added a fabric tab.

Now you can sew many zippered pouches (this tute applies for pouches of all sizes except measurements) for your loved ones, family and friends, especially now that Valentines' Day is approaching? Pls let me know if you have any questions by leaving me comments. I'll try my best to answer them!

Enjoy sewing!

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PinkSparkle And Lace said...

You have a wonderful blog and this is a great tutorial. Beautiful pouch!~ Tammy

place of beauty said...

thats so cool... thks for sharing*__*

CheRio said...

Chanced upon your blog while looking for pouches inspirations ... I really like your pouch tutorial. Have an old old sewing machine which I do not know what to do with.. Hope I can be as inspirational and as skilled as you.Thanks for posting the sewing post. - Cherio