Life is definitely happier

Three days ago, I was still a lil' grumpy & resentful & unhappy about life. About the life I chose and the life I was leading.
But since yesterday, I'm feeling like a whole new person.

It's about realising that I have lost my old self. It was an awakening moment for me and I felt so sad for myself for changing for worse over the past 4 years.

I hope it's not too late to be a better person now.

Over the long weekend, I finally understood how simple things we do as a family can bring so much happiness. We went to a goat farm followed by a vegetable farm. We were feeling easy & relaxed despite the scorching sun. It was a happy day.

We went to Elmo Show too. It was good. I think Little Chilli enjoyed it more than zy though.

After show photo & my most favourite family photo for the moment (even though the kids are still looking somewhere more interesting?).

Watching Ellen Degeneres show on TV now. I used to dislike her alot all because I was biased. Actually, the show is rather nice.

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Cindy said...

That was a nice photo of all at home :)Life is full of ups and downs. Treasure all you have and you will be a happier person. Great to know that you have a great day out.

Anonymous said...

Thats a nice family photo!I do have such bad days too.. esp as a fulltime mom coz our live are mainly about our hubby, kid (s), and house chores..lolProbably why crafting provides us our very own space and time. Hope you feeling better now.

kat said...

Ive been there many times & back. I remind myself to enjoy the moment because to do otherwise is madness.You are truly a very talented person ~~ just for today, do no worry. kat

XUE said...

We love Ellen & watched it every day when we visited Singapore recently. Happy Zhongqiu jie! I wish you lots of fun filled & creative days!

Wynn said...

Thanks everyone for encouragement! It feels good to know that Im not alone feeling the otherwise... Now, I do more sewing with a happier heart too.^_^

dthneece said...

What a beautifully written description of a growth spurt! Good Work!!!