Hoping this week will pass a lil' faster

This week has been tough. Chilli is down with bronchitis. Serious coughing and roller-coaster fever. Today is the 5th day. She is still coughing but still as active and cheeky. I still hope that this week will pass a lil' faster so that she can recover very soon.

A nice morning walk in the park. It was a breather to bring her out after so long.

zy in Japanese Yukata for his Mid-Autumn festival celebration in school. He is so shy! ^_^
I have alot of sewing to catch up. I hope to take some time to replenish my sewing supplies this week too. Sorry for waiting for your orders! Meanwhile, I'm trying to make a doll's quilt for my own interest... ^_^

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XUE said...

I hope your daughter gets well soon. My daughter (who's 10) is also sick (asthma) so I too, want this time to pass quickly.