**NEW** zA bags

Here are the new bags I sewed last week. Everyday, I stole a few minutes to sew (looking after the kids takes up most of my waking and even sleeping time).

Lovely Rose Mint

Splashy Rose Persimmon

I really had no idea how to name the bags (maybe, my brain is too occupied to think) so I called them zA bags. Yes, zA means zakkaArt. Hahaha. Sounds kinda weird to me now. But if they sell well, it will be a signature name. ^____^
Everyday now, I have to "homeschool" zy since he is only in half day childcare now. It's really tough sometimes to manage two kids who are fighting for my attention.
This week, we are into "pets" topic. And we did a rabbit mask.

I could not stop laughing when I saw what he drew for the rabbit's face. For a 2.5 year old, I think he is amazing. ^________^

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Katie said...

These new bags are lovely! Im saving up for one. xx Katie.