What I have been doing...

I have not been lazy. Sometimes, yes. Hubby said last night, "Your shop is idling." -__-"

I am working on new stuff for the shop. But... I'm still not ready to reopen the shop. Maybe next week? Still, my fabric labels are still in designing process. Ok, this part, I admit I'm lazy. Ever since the shop was started, there is no shop fabric label for all the stuff I have had made. Well, I did not see a need to tag. But now, I have to do it since this is gonna be a business, not just a hobby anymore.
Messy table. My table has never really been organised anyway.

Some of you asked me about my sewing machine. Ta-daa! This is the one I "inherited" from my mom. Or rather, I "snatched" from her since my previous machine was giving me headaches.

This machine sews like a breeze! It's a really simple, basic and afforable sewing machine. No embroidery function or anything fancy. Well, I saw my dream machine that day and it costs a whooping USD$4000!

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WhimsyLoft.com said...

hello wynn, wow! ur going to make ur little hobby a business now. all the best!
i love making fabric tags... it's superduper fun (except i'm not very good at graphic designing..). i just made some (again) will blog abt it soon. wud love to know how u made yours too :D

Wendy said...

You have exactly the same sewingmachine I have! It's perfect! Have fun with the sewing!

Mommy Mash said...


Congrats to your shop!!!

Mommy Mash said...

by the way, can anyone help to advise how to diy the tags?

i trying to find supplier but i thinking if it's good that if i can diy since i might not need very big qty.