I'm very happy!

It has been a crazy week for me! Since it's the last week of school term, the students were occupied with a series of learning journeys.

Beautiful NEWater centre. The place is really very nice. I'm tempted to bring zy and babyY there someday soon.

Beach cleaning. It was sad to see that the beach was full of rubbish. The students picked cigaratte butts, plastic bags, broken pottery... many more and even soiled diapers!

Anyway, if you do follow me at my twitter, I was very pissed at work! It made me sooooo frustrated. But, the good news is, I've resigned! Yeah! This means I can concentrate fully on my sewing passion! And, of course, to be with my children every single day.^________^

It's a dream come true. I'm really very happy now!

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Katie said...

Hi Wynn,Resigning from a job is a very brave thing to do! Good luck to you. I love the bag I bought from your Etsy shop last year and I hope your shop opens again soon. Best wishes, xx Katie

leooh said...

Hi WynnHappy for you!Happy creating and being with kids;-)

XUE said...

I just realised that I have not worked for anyone (except for myself!), more than half my life....so I am pretty happy! It is truly wonderful not having to answer to anyone for deadlines. Happy days!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gong xi gong xi, tuo li ku hai!!! Look forward to happy days forever. We must meet up soon!!!~ Wenwen ~