What I have been doing

I have been busy! Yes, busy being a mother to my two angels!

Time just flies. Thinking that I have to start working again next month makes me a little sad. Four months of maternity leave is just not enough.

Anyway, I have not been sewing much (again!). I tried but everyday is a challenge for me to find some private time to sew. Everyday is pretty much a routine: Waking, feeding, bathing, napping, fetching, strolling, playing, reading, sleeping. Where can I find time for myself?

As for BabyY, she has been easy to please so far (although I can sense that she is starting to show her character...). She loves to play, smile, coo, babble, listen to music. I talk to her alot. And the funny thing is, she loves to talk to me too. So it's always a conversation between us.

BabyY at 2-month-old

There are so many things on my to-do list! Perhaps, I will have a giveaway soon. And of course, I have not forgotten about the scrunchy tutorial (which I promised before giving birth to BabyY?). There is a stack of cut fabric waiting for me to sew... pouches, totes and clutches. I was intending to sew a few totes for Spring collection but I guess I need more time.

BabyY's quilt top is ready too. It took me quite some time to get it done. Now I need to buy batting. When should I go for sewing supplies shopping?

Oh well, I still have to make zy's quilt too before I forget.

Stay tune for the giveaway!

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Cindy said...

Take your time, Wynn. Life is sure to be busier when you have to take care of two, a baby and a young boy. Four months maternity is way better, compare to mine which is only two months :P

Take care and have a great time with your love ones.