Back to crafting

I'm back to crafting!

Just as I was so happy about being back to sewing, my sewing machine stopped working! I am so sad! Thinking about it, perhaps it's time to buy a new sewing machine, since my best buddy is the most basic sewing machine available in the market and it cannot seem to fulfil my needs in sewing anymore.

Anyway, just when I'm feeling a lil' lost for not sewing for the past few days, my parcel of pretty fabrics from FatQuarterShop arrived!

Beautiful fabric from Sandi Henderson

They are really sooooo pretty!! I'm going to start making the kids' quilts with the charm packs tomorrow!

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Cindy said...

Lovely fabrics from Fat Quarter Shop! I have been wanting to shop from this shop but so far have not done so.

I think it will be wiser to buy another brand new machine if your machine needs to change its major part - the motor. I trade in mine too due to that too.

Rocky O said...

WOW that little purse/wallet is soooo adorable. I love the simple colors and design! Great work! :)