Hooray!! BabyY is finally one-month-old!

A picture of BabyY taken at her party last week

Perhaps it's our 2nd baby, we are more relaxed and less paranoid when taking care of BabyY. Or maybe, she is an easy-going baby who never fusses or cries (we are very thankful for that). But, she grunts alot! We were rather surprised to hear her grunting so much especially when she sleeps. It sounded disturbing and worrying initially but now that we are used to it, I find it rather cute. Haha. Some people call it the Grunting Baby Syndrome and it's actually harmless.

And well, I started my shopping spree alot lately! Fabric, fabric, fabric. It's like I have been deprived of fabric shopping. It's madness. Spending over USD80 at FatQuarterShop on charm packs (for the kids' quilts coz I wish to save time in cutting fabric and messing up the whole place again) and several half-yards from Sandi Henderson's Meadowsweet collection. They are gorgeous.

I'm a little fed-up with SingPost too. First, they lost my parcel nearly 3 months ago. Despite having submitted a please-help-me-look-for-my-lost-parcel form and many phone calls (which are always directed elsewhere), they still have not got back to me. And this week, they failed to deliver my parcel again. Hey, it's Speedpost. Why should I pay so much more for Speedpost if I cannot get my parcel speedy enough? I don't understand at all.

Anyway anyway, I'll be back to sewing soon. I want to open my shop soon!

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leooh said...

can't wait for you to open your shop!and ur princess looks very sweet;-)

Creative B Bee said...

Welcome back (for sewing)! Can't wait to see your creations. And you have a beautiful princess!

Elaine said...

Congrats on your baby girl...

Not too sure whether you still remembers me... but still want to send in my regards.