hi there! I'm nesting...

Thank you everyone for your mails and concern! I'm still around... Just trying to rest as much as possible before our little princess arrives. Yay! Today marks the 37th week of my pregnancy, meaning baby is full term and I'll probably deliver anytime from today..? I'm feeling a little nervous and excited. I'm feeling like a first time mom all over again.

I have so many pictures to show and so many things to tell (after not blogging for 2 months?) The past 2 months had been fulfilling. I took alot of time to rest and eat (since doctor commented that baby is much smaller compared to zy so I am determined to beef her up). I did not sew alot although my hands were very tempted to pick up a needle and thread.

Sunflower blooming makes me very happy.
A budding artist trying to paint. We bought the easel from Ikea and it is one of the most well invested toy we ever got for him.

jw had been trying to make me happier with bouquets of my favourite orchids.^_^

A mini purse I sewed. I have been using alot of pink hello kitty fabric lately. I think baby princess loves pink. Or maybe, hello kitty? =)

We went to see the merlion and had a nice dinner during christmas eve.

So that's me with my dearest!

Right now, I'm walking like a penguin with a big ball (that's what zy always refer to my tummy). Sleeping has been quite disturbing with me waking up several times a night to go to the washroom. And zy had been very sticky to me, wanting all my attention.

But all is ok for me. I enjoy family life. I just can't wait to hold baby in my arms.

p/s: If I have the time next week, I'll post a tutorial on making scrunchy! That will be my gift for my loving readers!

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highwaycottage said...

Good luck for the birth. Cant wait to hear it has all gone well.

wei said...

All the best Wynn!!