Trying to be hardworking

I made 2 things this week. Yes, just 2 things and I'm trying to make more.

The first thing I sewed was the revised version of the iPod/iPhone pouch. Initially, I thought the pouch will be perfect after all the adjustments. But no... I still need to shift the position of the magnetic button so that the pouch will not be so compacted.

Since it is not the final design version, I call it prototype 2 and I've listed it in the shop.

Next, I made a shopping bag. It's small but big enough to carry your wallet/purse, handphone and other small things when you are out to do some shopping, lunch or marketing.

I am planning to make 2 quilts - one for zy and one for baby girl. The quilt I wanted to make for zy last time is still sitting in my basket and it has become too small for him *guilty me*.

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yelhsa said...

some magnetic buttons sometime will affect the Ipods due to the magnetic flux .. do take note.*0*