Home today

Tummy contractions yesterday and it scared me. Doc said I should take more rest to avoid preterm labour. So I'm staying at home today to rest. But of course, I did not rest! zy refused to go to school in the morning because he knows I am not going for work. He seemed so sad and kept telling me "Mama, no school. Home."

I made him promise not to cry or throw tantrums if I allow him to stay at home only for today.

So, to keep him occupied, we did finger/brush/chopstick painting with tempera paint.

Painting is easy and fun for a two-year-old. Since he already knows all the colors, I encouraged him to be creative in painting the tomato picture that I drew for him.

Tomato does not need to be red/orange, right? Well, in an artist point of view that is.

I love all the art pieces he does. And I paste them up on the wall everytime he finishes.*smile*

My favourite tea time snack recently...^_^

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