An early christmas?

Nope. At least, not for zy.^_^

We set up our christmas tree last night and zy was overjoyed! Not just overjoyed but he was very very very very very happy. We did not expect him to figure out how to hang the ornaments on the tree (since he just turned two) and also, we did not expect his patience to last one and half hour.

The night turned out to be a beautiful night for us.

zy had so much fun. He chose the color of the ornaments, decide on the position on the tree, hang the ornaments all by himself. We saw how proud he was when he looked up the tree and said "nice". We could still remember the same time last year when zy messed up everything while we set up our christmas tree. He was crying for attention and we had to pull him away.

This year is totally different. zy has grown up so much and we did not realise it till last night.

Life is beginning to feel wonderful again...

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