Busy weekend

I just finished baking a cake! This weekend is so packed but fulfilling. It's the first weekend from the day I stepping into the working society again. And I do not want to waste our time with little zy. Time is so precious now!

We went to the Singapore Science Centre yesterday and it was fun! zy was, we guess, too stimulated that he slept the moment he plopped into his car seat. There was a big T-Rex dinosaur at the centre entrance and it was so real!

This morning, I cooked lunch for: cousins who popped by for a swim, my mum who went to the hair salon nearby and my in laws who were just back from church. And trying to bake a cake at the request of little zy.
Ops! I have not done my lesson plans! =P

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sheryan said...

sounds like you had a fun and exciting day! yum to cake! and the science center is always fun to go to. I am close to the Ontario science center LOL. by the way I really like the bag you are wearing! I want one like that too LOL I wonder if they have any like that here...or did you make it?

vv said...

gal,shucks. I missed u that day.... Phone was in the car :(