Lazy Monday

A small surprise to someone nice..

cheeky zy loves his daddy's jacket. How I wish I can knit something for zy to wear.

Today is a lazy Monday. Or is it I'm having a pre-work-laziness-syndrome?

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sheryan said...

Wynnnnnn I received your package today! I love the little pouch that you made! And boy was I surprised to find food inside! Especially those panda cookies. They're one of my fav!! and I haven't had any in a long time (because I haven't gone to the asian market here in toronto in a while). But thanks so much for the little extras! And its super cute that the pouch is reversible! I will definitely be putting it to good use :D I love the polka dot green fabric on the inside... it goes well with the bamboo print on the outside hehehe yayyyy I love my new little pouch. and the Onigiri box is a lot cuter in person ^^ So excited~ Thanks So so so so so so so so soooooo very much ! And congrats again on the new baby! When is your due date? If it is another boy, what will you name him? What about if it's a girl? Ahh it's so exciting you're going to have another child! Stay healthy, and don't over work yourself ^_______^