zy's first day of school

Today is little zy's first day of school. Yes, we are sending him to a childcare centre because I will be starting work in July.

It took me very hard to swallow my tears till jw and I left the centre. I was almost choking. The moment I stepped into the lift, I cried. It's not easy for me to leave zy into someone's care since we have been together for 24 hours a day since he was born. The feeling was like slicing through my heart.

Ok, I admit I am too emotional.

On the other hand, we believe it's good for zy to have friends and learn about not being pampered. We would love him to be a sociable darling and to learn about share and care.

When we picked him up after five slow passing hours (we were roaming around in a nearby mall for time to pass), his eyes lit up when he saw us. And I could not help but cried again.

I hope I won't cry again tomorrow.

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vv said...

hey, thats fast.... so u starting work soon.....miss ya cheers vv