Quick Update

Not having computer access for the past days but it made me a little more productive than usual.

Mini Pouch - Garden

zy is coping better at his childcare. Thank God! With about six hours of free time everyday, I eat, rest, catch Martha Stewart show, sew, read.... six hours seems so short!

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☼ҢąnñαҺ♥ said...

wow those are beautiful! You have a major skill in crafts! I wish i was crafty! Those bags are so beautiful! I like your blog!


Leonny said...

Hi Wynn!!

Love the new stuff you keep coming up with!

Hey btw, I'd love to explore something with you ... (between ZakkaArt and Spring Kids :)

Can we chat ?

PS: I somehow can't reach you via email (keeps getting returned), but I can receive your emails.

If you can let me know your HP via email, I'll call you and we discuss ya ... :)

Lyn said...

gorgeous pouches, wynn!
too sweet =)