Hi, I'm back.

I'm back. Thank you everyone for your care and concern. We are doing good. jw and I, along with little zy, went to Japan for a short holiday last week. We needed that, or rather, I needed a break badly.

Granny's wake was a heart wrenching one. No one wanted to cry because we wanted to give Granny a happy farewell. But we could not control our tears from flowing. I hope Granny is in heaven now. Free from all pains and troubles.
Our trip to Japan was a great bonding session for jw, zy and me. We never realised how much zy care for us at such a tender age. Everywhere we went, he insisted the three of us had to go together. Not one less. And he would hold our hands so that jw, me and him would walk together or hug together. He would kick a big fuss if any of us walked away.

At Disneyland.

On board Shinkansen

zy is such a darling.

Night out at Shibuya.

jw and I also came to understand and appreciate each other better because we are poles apart in terms of character, ideals, thinking..... everything. We used to quarrel alot and we still did during the trip but we learnt to give in quickly and with a calmer mind. And we came to an agreement that "we can agree to disagree".

Lovely flower along the street.

Anyway, so much happened recently and I hope everything will be smooth and well now. I will be back to make something nice soon...

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mommysam said...

Enjoy your trip right. Guess you must be shopping like mad. And don't feel guilty about sending Zy to childcare. It's just a route he need to go through earlier or later=) Cayden is going to childcare end this month.

Sorry I MIA for so long because I just give birth on 6/4/09. Email me at emailsam29@yahoo.com.sg since I seldom check office email nowadays.