Busy + Addictions

I have been crazily busy these days. i don't know what I am busy about. Time just flies! and every night after zy goes to bed, it's a lil tv and couple time with jw and then, bedtime. And the cycle begins the next day.

I have not stopped working. Trying to shorten the list for custom orders but it never seem to get any shorter. Sometimes, I steal an hour or so to list something for
the shop. That is very minimal but I am trying to keep up with the shop.

And before I forget, I better complete
this tag by Sina!

My 5 addictions:

- I love flowers. Any floral print fabric, paper or houseware excites me. And everytime I buy something floral, my heart flutters like little butterflies.

- Coffee. I need a cup every breakfast and every tea-time. That makes a minimum of two cups per day. Excluding coffee breaks with friends, jw and during shopping trips.

- No matter how busy I am, I must surf at least three craft blogs each day. It's very satisfying for the mind to see the beautiful works of other people.

- Ok, this is bad I know but I squeeze my pimples or blackheads on my face every other week. Dislike the sight of tiny black dots all over my face. They make me feel depress. Eeks.

-Books, books, books. I need to leave my books all around the house. Everywhere I sit, I can reach out for them. I have lots of books bought but unread. But craft magazines.... I read them more than hundred times..^_^

Okie, now that you know a little more about me! It's my turn to tag these people whose blogs I enjoy reading so much...

La Fuji Mama


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Fuji Mama said...

LOVE your list!

sina said...

hurhur... thanks for playing along!i'm totally with you on #4(!),5 :)