Yes, I'm back. Time seems to short for me these days. I have been busy with custom orders, and of course, entertaining zy. Now he sleeps alot lesser than before and I got to keep him occupied without watching tv. It's not easy.

About sales, it's weird that I have been working on custom orders all these while but nothing in
the shop gets sold. Maybe my pictures are not attractive enough. Maybe my products are not as attention seeking. But I have a strong feeling that if I keep on working on what I love, the shop will be bustling with orders someday.

That night, I spend almost two hours replying mails. Alot of mails I missed out returning. Well, I am not an organised person and a forgetful one too. And in the wee hours of that night, I really sat down alone in the room reading every single mail again and feeling happy.

And yeah, I have been trying to make people happy. It's from my heart and I feel happy doing too. Like sending a mail, some fabric stash, a pouch, a surprise handmade. If I happen to have your address, you may be receiving a happy mail from me someday.

Oh and yes, suddenly my
Heartwarming coasters are "creating a stir". People are writing in to order and telling me that they are featured at their sites. I just received one mail today from Michele from Lilypotdesigns. Here is the link: http://myhandmaderegistry.ning.com/group/moremeaningfulgifts/forum/topics/baby-its-cold-outside-show
Thanks Michele for your kind thoughts! Let me search my mailbox again for other "i-am-featured" mails.^_^ Previously, I thought my coaster creations are not as conventional, so not many people can appreciate so I stopped making after
Raindrops. Perhaps now I can start creating more...yeah.
OK, long post and I'm feeling hungry now. zy is finally sleeping after a long day. Ending with a picture of zy... playing with his "improvised drum" (marker pens as sticks and stool as drum).

Well if he can be a professional drummer someday, I'll be very happy...^_^

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mamabliss said...

perseverance will definitely bring you results...and I am really inspired to be like you... to make others happy by giving more ;)

I am hosting a new giveaway... please come and join in the fun http://lilhandmadesbymamabliss.blogspot.com/2009/02/chic-giveaway.html do join in the fun :)