Nice and nasty

Nice customers - I love to do a little extra for them. Like sewing a small embroidery or sewing another small thing such as brooch, pouch, headband. Sometimes, I give a little treat like sweets, chocolate, buttons. Nasty customers - I often can't wait to finish their orders and send them out the soonest so that the stress level will be over. Maybe a little something for them but nothing more.
Here is a few pouches I did for the past days. Yes, I am kinda slow but I enjoyed the process of making them - for a nice customer.

Valentines' Day. When was the last time you celebrated with your love?

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eieni said...

OMG! that's really pretty!! :DDD can't wait to receive them now. thanks so much wynn! i am so sorry if you had to rush through this 4 pouches considering you're really busy these few i shall force my girls not to click onto your link (because they're too curious what i bought for them and they know where i got their presents from) thanks so much! shall mail you once i get the package :D- love love,lenny

sina said...

Wynn! those are so pretty!! you should totally offer customising the pouches in your shop...Happy LOVEday and have a good weekend :)