Fun. Unglam.

jw and I are crazy over the new season of American Idol . Every Thursday and now, Friday night, we will get cozy on our sofa with snacks and hot coffee and start our debate on who is good and who is lousy. Sometimes, we get a little worked up arguing. Haha. That is the fun part.

jw is heading to Japan tomorrow and I am "stuck" with zy alone for he next few days. Perhaps I should just bring him to the zoo but the thought of lugging the heavy diaper bag, pushing the clumsy stroller and holding the hands of my super energetic toddler makes me feel dizzy now. How "unglam"!

Spent the early morning making this set of coasters. Free creation. Just any designs that came to my mind while I sewed. And I love it.

Heartwarming Coasters - Fly, Butterflies

Butterflies in Spring. Blooming flowers in Spring. Colors pink and green in Spring.

Spring beauty.

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cendrine said...

Hi Wynn,

I have prob accessing the etsy to reply you after which I read the prev msg u have sent. So no choice, I got to leave my msg here, if you don't mind.

also, I couldn't see the link you have sent me. But anyway, I am fine whichever you feel is good for the bag. ie. One pocket is fine with me too,


Sparkle Thots by Ruth said...

It is really pretty!

li li said...

This butterfly coaster is pretty well sewn!! ^^