Crashed, Time, Print

Okies. My computer really CRASHED. =( jw has recovered the computer and it looks "brand new" now. All the cluttering at desktop is finally cleared. Haha.

Days seemed too short for me to do anything recently. Besides chasing zy and trying to be the most loving mother, I am catching more rest than before. Feeling a little more tired these days and I attribute this lethargy to my change in diet. I have not been eating meat for the past two weeks. Not that I don't love meat, I have sort of decided to eat lesser of it and try to be a vegan. What is most tempting is Japanese sashimi and sushi. I love them. Slurp.

Custom order list is getting longer. I need time. And energy.

And I found this beautiful print today:

How nice it would be as a fabric. Very very pretty.

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