Be confident!

Learning to be confident of yourself is never easy. Whether it's your looks, your actions, your speech, your posture, your background, your family, your work... you got to be comfortable with your life.

I was once a girl who was always unsure of myself. Okie, I was geeky and with short cropped hair like a boy. I was plump, or rather, fat, during my school days. But I did not mind about my looks until I went to college when girls-meet-boys and I was surrounded with pretty and rich girls of my age who could afford things that I could not.

And it was until I started university, met my boyfriend (now my husband) and then started working, that I began to feel tired of trying to be someone else. Losing my own self was the saddest thing in my life and it was real miserable. And when I realised it, I felt a super good feeling of relieve. It was like, suddenly, I feel my presence in this world. My soul.

So now that I am doing handmades, I learnt to be confident of my works. There sure to be people who like what I am doing because I am loving what I do. And I am not someone who can reproduce the same item ten times or more. I have to accept the fact that time is limited for me to sew each day. And I cannot make more than I wish to.

Ok, now an ugly picture of myself... with veggie stuck onto my teeth.

Well, I don't care! =P

p/s: zy's fever is almost under control. Yay! But rashes just broke out all around his body. Doc said it's a normal symptom after high fever. I hope he will recover fully soon. Can't wait to bring him to the zoo as what I promised him..

By the way, Happy Birthday Mum! I love you!

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highwaycottage said...

It's great that you've learnt one of the most important lesson of life - being yourself. I love the things in your Etsy shop - oh if only I had some money i would be getting me some of those cute things :-)

Ron said...

Not an ugly picture of you! Glad Zy's fever has broken. I hope the rash is brief...