Love.. Wedding..

Seems like yesterday that we just got married. Two and half years... Looking at zy, I suddenly realised how much jw and I have been through. Quarrels, fights, misunderstanding, tolerance, accomodation... And of course, love... that binds us together. Till now.

A little Etsy mini on weddings. Love every single item.

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Anonymous said...

enjoyed reading the first couple pages of your blog!! will come back to read more later! : )
(ps: i'm a masters graduate turned crafter (still waiting to get a job) and yeah nobody knew that i was into painting and crafting! until about 3 months ago! :-) )

xoxo LOVE your bags! i'm hearting your shop.

Wynn said...

hi cherbie! i m into painting too! but i stopped quite a few months back since I started doing sewing again. I love oil painting and i still have a couple of unfinished paintings still lying around. Argh!

whoa, you are smartie!=D