Love... or hate

I have a love-hate relationship with quilting. While my first lesson in sewing was patchwork and quilting, I never quite finish quilting all my work. Either I was too ambitious to sew big bags and quilts, or maybe I was too lazy to sit for hours or days and use a tiny needle to quilt.

Not sure why, the quilting bug caught me the day before and I started cutting some batting and quilt the strawberry fabric on it to make a nice school case for a little girl for her new school term. With each stitch, I felt, actually, good. In fact, it was therapeutic. Perhaps I will make another quilted pouch...soon.

Below is another case for a nice lady, Linda, who waited almost two months (or more) for her bag to be done. Be it the problem with the mailing box system, I feel kinda guilty for the long delay so I did a complementary mini pouch to match her bag. I love how the fabric designs match and de-match. Romantic pink Japanese garden floral with royal blue checks. It's a non-conventional kind of combination but I love it! Usually customers would prefer pink+pink or blue+blue combination but this time, I want to do something different (again!) and Linda was very spontaneous as well to accept my "wild" idea.

Really hope she'll like it!

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mommysam said...

I like the strawberry fabric. Can do a bag for me?