First Handmade 2009

Finally. My first hardwork for year 2009. NEW Sweet Spring Bag 2009 (Reversible) - Bloom, Blooming (available in Etsy).

This time I wanted to do something different. So I tried single handle bag. I wanted a break from my usual design ideas. So I chose checks as the main fabric and not as the lining fabric. In fact, the rose fabric was supposed to be the lining fabric but as I started sewing, I decided to make this bag reversible too. Well, I just love how versatile reversible bags are.

Now I am having a headache on the amount of fabric per design available in my cupboard... Guess I need to stock up more.

p/s: Thanks Lenny for taking such great pictures of the coasters and Big Everyday bag in your blog here and here! They look so much better under your lens! SO Happy that you are loving them!=D

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eieni said...

hi wynn!what creative b bee said is true! my lens is just doing its job capturing the beauty of your bags! :D- lenny