CNY Giveaway!

Mini Pouch - Zodiac
1st giveaway for 2009!

Was rummaging through the two huge (not exactly) fabric stash last night and found this pretty Japanese double-weave fabric which I kept for the longest time! Now it seems just perfect for CNY (Chinese New Year) isn't it? With cute little mascots of the twelve chinese zodiac signs, I could not wait to whip up a pouch for a giveaway!

To win this pouch, simple leave a comment (with your email address)! Draw date will be this Saturday (Jan 24, 2009).

Can't wait for reunion dinners this weekend!

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Lily Pang said...

Hi Wynn,

It's lovely! All of your work is so lovely and sweet!

I wish I could win it! Haha..

Knotty Bicsie said...

Hi Wynn,

Really like your zakka inspired creations. Like you, I fancy Japanese style of crafts a lot. Still looking forward to meeting you in person soon... :)

Betsy :)

levine said...

hi there! 1st visit to yr blog and lovs the j-wave style items u created! will come here more often!

Btw, my email addy is

Ahfat said...

Your works are lovely, I like zakka style too.

handmade-products said...

Hi Wynn,

Welcome to Singapore Etsy!

You have a range of sweet and cute products.

Very Japanese style.

Don't mistaken me as Lily Pang! Hee..hee..! :)

I am Lily Poh.

handmade-products said...

i Wynn,

Welcome to Singapore Etsy!

You have a range of sweet and cute products.

Very Japanese style.

Don't mistaken me as Lily Pang! Hee..hee..! :)

I am Lily Poh.

Ron said...

Wynn, I'm glad you're feeling better after your brief sickness last month. Happy New Year!

mamabliss said...

Hi Wynn,

Thanks for the invite! Count me in please!!! :)


Anonymous said...

hi wynn!

happy advance chinese new year! :D
i am loving seeing all your new handmade goods and i am keeping an eye at the rose case. ;)

and, count me in for this giveaway too! whoever shall win this giveaway is a very lucky person. :D


Creative B Bee said...


I always try my luck of any about'giveaway' so I can't miss this!!! Remember to pick me huh!!!TQ!(kekekeke)

sfer said...

I'm so in love with pouches right now... I think I won't stop until I have 365, one for each day of the year!!

Please, count me in for your giveaway, if you're willing to ship to Barcelona, Spain!

Contact: librosfera(at)gmail(dot)com

UniqueGrabs said...

Just trying my luck! It will be a great gift for my wife. :)

mommysam said...

I wish I am lucky enough to own this pouch;)

Anonymous said...

Hello Wynn,

the animals are cute! I bet my boy will love it when i used it.

Hope to get pick by u!


Anonymous said...

alamak that Anonymous is me- vivi.

get me @

Deb said...

What a cute little pouch! I absolutely love your website and wish you a happy Chinese new year for the 26th!

Jenny said...

That is so cute!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Karen said...

I am now in love with this fabric! Your things are so pretty~consider me entered!

Fuji Mama said...


Alexandro Enzo Lim said...

Hi Wynn,

I would like to give my just married wife this lovely pouch as an appreciation for the love she rendered past four months. Hope you can help me to fulfil my wish to make her happy.


Nay Nay said...

Happy New Year!

trixi said...

cute,cute pouch and such great material.
happy new year!

Klaudia said...

oh such a nice fabric, and a lovely blog!!!
Happy New Year :)

klaudia (

Anonymous said...

Aw, it's lovely!


She said...


turtle.egg91 said...
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