CNY Giveaway result!

It's 11.45pm over here (Singapore time) and I just had a nice quiet reunion dinner with my family. not much yakking but the quietness was kinda peaceful somehow. It's nice to sit around with your loved ones, just to be together.

So today is Saturday and I decided to make a quick draw for the CNY giveaway! Using this
site to generate a random number from 1 to 23 (note: double comments from same person will be considered as one comment for fairness!) and..... Tadaa! Here is the result!

Number 17! And this mini pouch goes to Fuji Mama! Congrats!!

And to all who have participated, thanks a million for all the encouragements! Another giveaway for Valentine's will be coming soon..... =)

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vadjutka said...

Lovely pouch!! Unfortunately I missed the giveaway...