When was the last time

When was the last time when you sat down to enjoy a cuppa?

I love relaxing at cafes, sipping hot latte and reading my favourite book or magazine. Or doing just nothing. This kinda luxury seems to be a heaven luxury ever since zy came into our lives. Once in a while, jw and I will steal an hour or so off at night to the cafe and then hurried back home for our little angel.
How I look forward to a cafe outing now...

X'mas is just next week and I am still struggling with the bags & pouches. I try not to take medicine which makes me goggy and sleepy. Hope I can recover fully soon.


This is the Reversible hand-carry Simple bag which I already sent out about two weeks ago. I love how the floral and checks fabric complement each other, together with a beautiful lace and a vintage button.

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Anonymous said...

pretty pretty =)