Parting treasure

It's always very difficult for me to part with my handmades. From brainstorming of design, to choosing and cutting of fabric, to sewing (either by hand or machine) and lastly to completing the prject, takes alot of my energy, time and brain power. When finally I see my "masterpiece", I'll be so happy to show them around to my family but I never bear to use them for myself (in fact, till now I've yet to make something for myself!).

Every piece of work is my precious and I treasure them. Most of my work are one-of-a-kind as I always buy fabric in half or a yard and that's it. It's only upon custom request that I make a trip to buy more just for the order.

Today, I received an order for my two Big Everyday Bag that I have done some time ago. I have sort of forgotten about them since I was so busy with custom orders of Simple Bag and mini pouches for X'mas. When I checked my mail just now, my heart fluttered and I was elated and "sad" at the same time. Elated because the buyer seems to really appreciate the bags and "sad" because I have to part with the bags.

This Big Everyday Bag - Pop Garden was my first creation of the series. I love it to bits. Amy Butler's fabric are amazingly beautiful and striking. When I first saw the package of fabric which I ordered from U.S., I was overwhelmed and I could not hold back but to start matching the fabric and made this bag. And since I only bought half yard for each design, I used up the two designs to just do one bag.

*The buyer is from Singapore and I think she will be the only one in Singapore (perhaps, the world?) to have this bag. ;)

This Big Everyday Bag - England Rose was my second creation and well, I really love roses and when I fell in love the moment I saw this fabric. This is also one-of-a-kind design and I hope the buyer will be proud to have it and use it happily everyday.

Anyway, I am very very happy now! =D

Oh, before I forget,

Merry Christmas to everyone! Enjoy the day!

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mamabliss said...

hello Wynn, love your beautiful bags... :) and yes, have a blessed christmas...

I am hosting another giveaway, do come over and join in the fun ya...

have a wonderful new year ahead!

Creative B Bee said...

Yah! Very beautiful bags!