Imagine I was working non

Imagine I was working non stop the whole of last week on mini pouches. Really non stop. My dearest SINGER sewing machine once again became my best pal and confidant. And zy was kinda clingy to me nowadays (I call him the Koala bear and of course, I am his tree) that I had to engage help to look after him while I sewed. After neglecting him for weeks, a sense of guilt dawned upon me last weekend and I called it quits. Finally declaring last Sunday as my off day (no touching of sewing machine, fabric and scissors) and off we head to the zoo for the first time.

As my orders increases, I have little time for zy and sometimes I wished I did not start zakkaArt in the first place. But if I were to just be a stay at home mother for him, my brain and creativity will be going nowhere and I will be unhappy.

Life is just this ironical at times. When you want it, you have it. When you have it, you wish you have never asked for it.

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mommysam said...

Dont feel guilty. Look at this angle, sometimes its good to do things you like. You are not neglecting but just finding your own energy & motivation back. Imagine if you have 24 hours with him. You will be mad or a yellow-faced wife. Dont think youre interested right. By the way, where you live. I am keen to learn sewing:p But CC classes are too far for me as I am a West person.

Wynn said...

Hi mommysam,yeah, that's how i feel too. I feel happier doing things i like. Of course, being with zy makes me feel happy too. i think there are sewing classes in the west too? bkt timah? or maybe you can try spotlight?