For all reasons, I hate to be sick. Since I seldom fall sick (touch wood!), I feel real terrible if my body eventually loses the battle to the virus. Had no choice but to visit the doctor last night as the fever fluctuated for almost two days. It subsided everytime I took Panadol but shot up after three hours or so after medication.

Being sick means I have to stop all my work (though I still continued to sew, I could not do much with shivering body and giddy brain) and I cannot be close to zy who loves to be close to me. I hate that kinda "lost & helpless" feeling. So I always try not to fall sick even the whole family does.

Anyway, the doctor gave me an injection to bring the fever down at a faster rate. Initially, I rejected his "kind" offer, because as much as possible, I try to avoid being injected ever since giving birth to zy and seeing the gigantic epidural needle poking through my spine. But I gave in when I thought of zy, the desire to just hug him close in my arms and not spreading the virus to him (the doctor said the virus must be a strong one to make me sick).

ok, enough of ranting.

This morning, jw cooked me his love porridge for me and yes, I feel loved and much better now.

p/s: X'mas Giveaway (1) Results!

Thank you for all your encouragement! I feel so happy seeing all your wonderful comments and nice words. Makes me more determined to work harder!

To pick two winners, I used this program from to generate two integers randomly. I took the easy way out to label each comment from number 1 to 13 from the first to the last. And TA-DA! Here are the winners:

comment number 1: from PRIMA!
comment number 7: from KittyCat!


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PRIMA said...

Hi Wynn... Thanks for dropping a line at my chatbox, I have written u an email .. look forward to hear from you...

Yepee!! :D

KittyCat said...

Hi Wynn,
Thanks for hosting this giveaway - sorry for the belated thank you :)

I've just blogged about it!