24 hours a day is

24 hours a day is never enough for me. I think I need 36 hours. Everyday's chores are keeping me fully occupied that there is not much time to just sew.

Resumed sewing class yesterday and class was great. Patchwork again this time and I am gonna do a bag for myself. A single handle kind of bag. Just drew the templates and gonna start cutting the fabrics later (finally some time to myself with zy finally soundly sleeping beside me). Time is so precious when you have a little one in the house who almost clings to you all day.

These days, I love big floral printed fabric. Big flowers. Roses. Lilies. Orchids especially (my wedding bouquet!). Rummaged through my stacks of fabric (just two stacks), I found this really nice rose pink fabric which I bought some time ago and without hesitation, I got down to work and made this Simple Bag.

Very Japanese zakka style.

Imagining carrying it for a casual day out in my most favourite jeans. I love how feminine it looks and how much things I can "throw" into it.


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Anonymous said...

hi there! can i ask where are you taking sewing classes at? i'm finding one myself, and looking for alternatives other than creative escape or spotlight...Hope you can share! thanks...lily

Wynn said...

Hi Lily!I used to learn from community centres. They are good! And now I learn from my group of friends who love sewing so much that they wish to teach too!=)Wynn

Wynn said...

hi mommysam,is it ok if you can wait till after x'mas? I would very much wish to make a nice bag for you but i'm really packed with orders for x'mas now! Or would you like something else?=)

mommysam said...

Hi Wynn,I am totally fine to wait after X'mas as it's a bag for myself. I am not in a hurry at all=) Hope you are feeling better now:) I will latch my order with some Vinyl bag that you import from Japan. Will it be a big problem? Meanwhile you stay in the West?Love,Sam