Many things happened during the

Many things happened during the past months and my brain almost stopped functioning. This is just not me. But things are getting better. At least I am back to creating again. And most importantly, I am happy again.

Finally! New listing in zakkaArt etsy store - Amy Zip Pouch in Autumn Floral.

I have loads of conventional zip pouch. Those squarish/rectangular flat zip pouches that fit just your cards, money and maybe a small mp3 player. No room for my keys, handphone, let alone cosmetics. So I carry three or more pouches in my bag or sometimes, none! But I really hate to dig in my bag all day to search for my handphone. Argh.

That's the reason why I made Amy Zip Pouch, for all the practicality and roominess for my everyday essentials. My mess saviour.

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