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Hello! How is everyone's summer vacation? We had a great and restful one back in Singapore for a month. Eat, sleep, play, repeat. Every single day. Now we are back in Thailand waiting for new school term to start... The kids had been asking about school. I think they had enough fun for summer, that's why they can't wait to go back for new learning. Isn't that wonderful?

Thank you so much Bonnie (@goinghometoroost) for asking me to join her blog tour! I haven't worked much with Art Gallery Fabrics so I am very glad I did this time. The quality of prints are gorgeous. Bonnie's new collection "Wonderful Things" are both dreamy and inspirational. Oh, I love her new farmhouse too! It's way too beautiful!

Working with "Wonderful Things" fabrics made me really happy. I can't really say why. But my heart speaks from the subtle enjoyment and silent encouragement from cutting to sewing with the beautiful fabrics.

Yes, I made four things in a day.

1: Inspiration Fame

I had to make this frame for our new home. It has a special place in the living room where no one can missed it. The quote is so close to my heart and it is something my kids hear everyday that "they will be something they love and understand". And they remind themselves good things happen throughout their lives to treasure and appreciate. I love them so much.

2: Lunch tote

This one is for my daughter. She has this girly thing about cute lunch boxes. This is an easy tote with a wide base. I love the quote so much too I had to fussy cut it just to make the tote.

3: Wall Hanging

The gloomy and rainy season here inspired me to make this cloud and rain wall hanging. It now hangs in the room where I sit and read or crochet when I need a rest from everyday routine.

4: Last minute double zipper pouch

I call this last minute because it was made before I planned to sleep after a whole day of (albeit, interrupted) sewing. I was inspired to make this pouch after seeing the headphones and loose coins lying around on the dining table where I was sewing. The idea woke my sleepy brain and I took a few blunders to sew it correctly with no raw edges.

Thank you again Bonnie for sending your beautiful fabrics! Since I only have four prints... I must buy the whole collection! Especially the sunny yellow ones!xx

side note: As I'm typing this post, I'm hearing the kids' laughter and play in the living room. It sounds cheesy but this wonderful moment... xx

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Shah Sazib said...

Wonderful fabric design. I found another fabric store which is Broadway Fabrics.