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Phew! What a crazy week for me. I mean really crazy times trying to manage everything at one go. Did I mention I just started an intensive course learning Thai language? Speaking, reading and writing. Every morning, class starts at 7am. Usually by 9am, two cuppa coffee are gone. Then the usual routine of cleaning, laundry, preparing dinner, fetching kids... My eyes can barely open during dinnertime.

So making something for this blog tour was a challenge for me. When sweet Jera asked me to join her tea party team, I was too overwhelmed and agreed right away without thinking twice. I really like Jera and her sewing for a long long time. And now that she designs such beautiful fabrics, how can I possibly say no...?

Since I "kinda" told Jera that I would love to handsew something from her first fabric debut "High Tea Collection" by Lecien,  I had to keep my promise right? Or maybe she has forgotten about it? >.< In my plan was a cute mini quilt for the wall and I was quick to cut out all fabrics ready to sew. Then I saw this small 2.5" mini charm pack on my table and I thought, "hey, selfish sewing time again! I need a pencil case for my Thai classes!" Instead of making something for the home, I wanted to make something to use and "show off" the beautiful fabrics!

Well well, it was not a good idea at all because once I start handsewing, I can't stop! It took me almost a week with pockets of time to handsew the mini squares together in 6x7 rows (forty-two squares in a pack). Another week to handquilt and handsew the binding, zippers plus embellishments. It was a mad rush seriously. Handsewing is a rather slow process. For this project, I had to speed up ten or even a hundred times faster since time was running out. Many times, I was so tempted to pull out the sewing machine. But each time, I bit my lips, turned away from the sewing machine and continued handsewing. The feeling was tough love.

Frankly, I just finished the last stitch just moments before writing this post. Just in time.

Here it is, my completely handsewn boxy "High Tea" stationery pouch!

Very very roomy and useful pouch for all kinds of pens, pencils, rulers... It fits my unorganised character perfectly since I can throw everything in just like that.

I added "X"s for many many hugs.

Lace details at the sides for key chains and dangling souvenirs.

Look at the teapot and strawberries. Too delicate and dainty. Very vintage chinaware feel. I love it so much.

Back of pouch. I love it a lot too!

If you are wondering why two zippers? Well, it was a solution to a mistake. I had actually chosen a floral zipper that would fit just nicely. Then when I finished hand quilting, I squared up the sides way way way too short for the zipper! It was gave me a big shock! Frantically, I rummaged through the zipper bag and tried all sorts of zippers. But nothing fits. I was almost pulling my hair out.

I have to say, my mind is always good at jigsaw puzzles. So it clicked me that I could use two zippers for the pouch. And I did! One longer and one shorter! It just so "me".  It gives the pouch another sense of beauty being so different. In my eyes!^_^

The interior is my favourite fabric in the collection. Hardly can find this shade of brown with florals. Of course, I had to add a fabric tag for zakka-ness.

The bindings are linen (you can get it here) for simple and clean look.

Bottom of pouch with very wide base. Hand quilting details.

The pouch is rather easy to make. If you have a sewing machine, it will be a breeze to sew one for yourself. However, I will still choose to handsew again by any chance.

It seems I am the last blogger for this blog party. You may visit the other amazing bloggers in the tour from the list above. They made really wonderful stuff I tell ya. Jera will be wrapping up the tour tomorrow in her blog. Do check it out!

Now may I sit back and relax and enjoy a cup of tea, with some thick chocolate cookies? xx

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Elise Baek said...

Beautiful boxy pouch!! You can never have too many pouches, so this will go in my to make list! I love how you stuck with hand stitching even though you were tempted to grab the sewing machine, because the texture is lovely even in the pictures! It must feel sooooo good to just sit and pet your pencil box during language classes and daydream of sewing. 😀 Hopefully next time you make one you won't feel rushed or crunched for time and just be able to enjoy it a little bit more with your crazy schedule!

Jera Brandvig said...

Aww Wynn! I'm SO SORRY this project came in the middle of a busy time for you. :( It turned out beautiful though! I ams o grateful for your participation. Good luck with your studies, I hope you find some time to relax! Thank you for a wonderful blog post and project <3

Hugs from Seattle!